Westbourne Academy is part of the family of Academy Transformation Trust academies.

Our mission is to transform learning, aspirations and opportunities for all our pupils, and the communities in which they live.

We believe that every child matters and deserves a first class education. We believe everyone has hidden potential to be uncovered and nurtured.

Our extensive family of primary and secondary academies are based in the Midlands, East of England and South East.

If you would like to find out more visit www.academytransformationtrust.co.uk

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Key Stage 3   

The curriculum offered for Years 7 - 9 is designed to build upon the curriculum provided in the primary schools and to act as a foundation for future examination courses and careers.  All students in the first three years follow a broad and balanced curriculum which includes Religious Studies, Mathematics, English, Science, History, Geography, Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education, Design Technology and Information Technology.

In order to increase the levels of literacy and numeracy a select group of students follow a dedicated  course while the remainder of the year group is studying Spanish.

During March, students in Year 9 make their Pathway choices for the Key Stage 4 part of their education.



Key Stage 4

The Key Stage 4 curriculum is made up of two components, ‘Core’ and ‘Choices’. The core is what all students have to study. ‘Choices’ is where students have a choice of what they study. 

The core consists of English, Maths, Double Science, PE and PSHE.  

English - students will undertake both GCSE Language and Literature exams. 

Maths - all students will undertake GCSE Maths and some may have the opportunity to study Statistics

Science - students will study double or triple Science throughout Key Stage 4.

PE - all students will leave Westbourne with a qualification in PE, this could be GCSE PE, BTEC PE, GCSE Dance or the Certificate of Achievement. Students will be informed of the most appropriate course for them.

The ‘Choices’ component consists of up to four subjects of a students choice. All of the subjects and their descriptions are listed in the Pathway Guide which is issued in March.

In order to allow students to begin on the most appropriate pathway for them there are assigned pathways from which to choose their options subjects. Students will be assigned an appropriate pathway based on all of the information we have gathered during their time at Westbourne, as well as their future plans.