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Our mission is to transform learning, aspirations and opportunities for all our pupils, and the communities in which they live.

We believe that every child matters and deserves a first class education. We believe everyone has hidden potential to be uncovered and nurtured.

Our extensive family of primary and secondary academies are based in the Midlands, East of England and South East.

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The Big Sing (0 images)

Vocal performance of singers at The Big Sing 2017 at Snape Maltings

Created: 8 Jan 19 14:54 | Last modified: 8 Jan 19 14:54

World Mental Health Day 2018 (0 images)

Images of students and staff with mental health messages

Created: 20 Dec 18 14:52 | Last modified: 20 Dec 18 14:52

CCF Army Training Day (48 images)

Images for the CCF field training day at Thetford in December 2018

Created: 20 Dec 18 14:26 | Last modified: 20 Dec 18 14:40

Year 7 Santa Dash (46 images)

Photos of Year 7 taking part in the Santa Dash in aid of paediatric training in the Philippines for ex-student Koren Harper

Created: 19 Dec 18 17:05 | Last modified: 19 Dec 18 17:41

Christmas Jumper Day 2018 (25 images)

Photos of students supporting Save The Children's Christmas Jumper Day

Created: 19 Dec 18 16:58 | Last modified: 19 Dec 18 17:03

2018 Exam Results Day (28 images)

Image of Year 11 pupils on exam results day 2018

Created: 25 Aug 18 09:36 | Last modified: 25 Aug 18 11:20

Year 11 Prom Photobooth Images 2018 (64 images)

Year 11 Prom Photobooth Images

Created: 5 Jul 18 10:00 | Last modified: 5 Jul 18 10:04

dpa (0 images)

Created: 20 Oct 17 15:11 | Last modified: 20 Oct 17 15:11

Westbourne Alumni (12 images)

Created: 7 Nov 16 10:25 | Last modified: 2 Feb 17 16:51

Radio Westbourne launch (14 images)

Our launch

Created: 22 Nov 16 09:50 | Last modified: 22 Nov 16 10:12

Year 10 Photography trip to London (4 images)

Students visited National Portrait Gallery in London

Created: 15 Dec 14 12:57 | Last modified: 15 Dec 14 13:02

Community Xmas Lunch (4 images)

The Student Council invited and entertained residents from local Residential Homes.

Created: 15 Dec 14 12:48 | Last modified: 15 Dec 14 12:52

Wizard of Oz Promomotion (31 images)

Created: 8 Dec 14 19:14 | Last modified: 8 Dec 14 19:16

Remembrance Day Service (6 images)

Students attended Remembrance Day Service at Christchurch Park on Tuesday 11th November

Created: 12 Nov 14 09:48 | Last modified: 12 Nov 14 09:53

Alice - our Summer Term Production (5 images)

Back in February many of our KS3 students excitedly auditioned for a part in the lower school production of Alice by Lindsay Price, which is an adaptation of the original book by Lewis Carroll. This was a great opportunity for our KS3 students who did not get a chance at a lead role in the whole school production. It helped to build their confidence and gave them the chance to shine. It was also fantastic to see students from years7, 8 and 9 getting on so well and supporting each other throughout the process. Over the space of five months, students committed their time and energy to two after school rehearsals a week as well as busying themselves learning lines and developing characters. The atmosphere backstage pre-show was a mix of nerves and excitement - this was a debut stage performance for many of the cast, to an audience nearly 150 strong. Students were enthusiastically getting into costume, putting on make-up, running lines, and getting into character - the buzz was fantastic! Even with all the nerves the students did not disappoint and put on a fantastically professional and polished show, full of energy and engagement. They wowed the audience and not long after the curtain was down, they were asking if they could do it all over again! As a new teacher to Westbourne Academy I felt very proud of the young people I had been working with over the last few months. It was a great opportunity to get to know many of them better and see how much hard work and commitment they were prepared to put into projects like these and I felt very honoured to share their success with them. Auditions have already taken for our December whole school production of The Wizard of Oz and I for one cannot wait! Miss K Boland Teacher of Drama

Created: 29 Jul 14 12:42 | Last modified: 29 Jul 14 13:00

SNAP Photography Competition (7 images)

A number of students have entered this year's SNAP Photography Competition being held at St Joseph's College in Ipswich. The competition is a joint-venture held by St Joseph's College and the Ipswich and District Photographic Society.

Created: 17 Jun 14 10:55 | Last modified: 17 Jun 14 10:58

Music Concert - Spring 2014 (19 images)

This year the Spring Music Concert had a new feel about it. Primarily due to the cancellation of the Guys & Dolls show, pieces of set, lighting and content from the show were added to an already rich diet of musical experience. It was a really lovely evening that left staff beaming with pride as talented student, after talented student, performed with such confidence and energy. Two highlights were listening to Eleanor Rumbold sing and play piano to Without a Word by Birdy and Callum Southgate nail Pretender by the Foo Fighters. Many, many congratulations to all involved.

Created: 13 Feb 14 11:07 | Last modified: 17 Feb 14 09:23

Food Hall launches student recipes (7 images)

A new collaboration with EATS is proving to be a great success. Sue Irons, teacher of Food Technology, came up with the idea of giving her Year 10 students a brief to create a bread-based product which could be sold commercially and which would appeal to teenagers, Dude Food. Claire Wilden, Service Manager for EATS Food Hall at Westbourne agreed that her team could make the recipe in school and that it would be on sale to students and staff at break time on 28th January. The winning idea,by Jake Lambert, comprising bacon, egg and tomato wrapped in a pizza base to form a succulent snack, sold out in the first 10 minutes. Feedback was impressive with students and staff remarking on how fantastic it was and how much they enjoyed it. Another ongoing and enlightening partnership with the Food Hall are classroom based demonstrations to students. A variety of techniques will be demonstrated to give the students a taste of working using commercial techniques. The first day was a huge success and involved bread roll making with Year 10 learning to make commercial bread roll shapes such as the knot and the plait. Launched for Valentines Day were Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies, created by Karri Crisp - another very successful collaboration and a sell out. The brownies were beautifully presented and tasted delicious.

Created: 17 Feb 14 08:41 | Last modified: 17 Feb 14 09:13

Westbourne's Young Gamesmakers at the Paralympics (3 images)

From Tuesday 4th to Saturday 8th September, Stuart Moore, Mark Ismay and Westbourne's team of Young Gamesmakers, have been busy performing their volunteering duties for the Paralympian athletes at the Olympic Stadium. It has been a magnificent opportunity for the staff and students and as Simon Vale said on Radio Suffolk on Thursday morning, 'it has been a once in a lifetime experience'. Stuart said that the roar of the crowd, as people gradually begin to spot the athletes coming out on to the track, travels like a wave around the stadium. It can only be described as mind-blowing, "the sound actually vibrates through every cell of your body".

Created: 10 Sep 12 10:07 | Last modified: 10 Sep 12 10:11