Westbourne Academy is part of the family of Academy Transformation Trust academies.

Our mission is to transform learning, aspirations and opportunities for all our pupils, and the communities in which they live.

We believe that every child matters and deserves a first class education. We believe everyone has hidden potential to be uncovered and nurtured.

Our extensive family of primary and secondary academies are based in the Midlands, East of England and South East.

If you would like to find out more visit www.academytransformationtrust.co.uk

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Letters 2017/18

Clicking on any of the links below will open a PDF of the letter for you to read and print if required

Letter - Y7 Parent Eve 03MAY18

Flyer - Y11 NCS Application Deadline 23MAR18

Letter & Acknowledgement - Y10 Summer 2018 Exam Entries

Letter & Acknowledgement - Y11 Summer 2018 Exam Entries

Letter & Consent - Y11 Maths Quiz Evening 20MAR18

Flyer - Y11 Successful Study Webinar

Flyer - Gooseberry Parenting Esafety Webinar 20MAR18

Letter - Science Field Trip 19MAR18

Flyer - Term Dates 2018/19

Flyer - Y11 PRE Timetable 9-14MAR18

Letter - Y9 Pathway Evening 15MAR18

Letter & Consent - Y9 Jimmy's Farm 19APR18

Letter & Consent - Y9 Design Museum 22MAR18

Letter - Spring Term Principal's Bulletin 27FEB18

Letter - KS3 PSHE Sex Education Lessons 19FEB18

Letter - Y10 Motivational Speaker 23FEB18

Letter & Consent - Y9 SWISS Leaders Conf 23FEB18

Letter & Consent - Y10 GCSE Photography Trip 8JUN18

Letter - Y11 GCSE Maths Higher Revision Guide FEB18

Letter - Y11 GCSE PE Rock Climbing FEB18

Letter - Y11 H&So Revision Session FEB18

Letter - Y11 Business Studies Revision Session FEB18

Flyer - Y11 Revision Sessions at Feb 2018 Half Term

Letter & Consent - Y9 History Trip London 6MAR18

Letter - Valentine Karaoke Disco 25JAN18

Letter & Form - Spain 2018 Trip re passport JAN18

Flyer - Suffolk Parenting Programme 10-14 yrs APR18

Letter - Y11 NEA Food Exam Dates MAR18

Letter & Consent - Y8 Girls HPV Vaccinations 26FEB18

Letter & Consent - Y10 Y11 Girls HPV Vacc Catch-up 26FEB18

Letter - Safer Internet Day PSHE Event 2FEB18

Letter - Y11 Parent Evening 1FEB18

Letter - SCC Home to School Travel Consultation 15JAN18

Flyer - Y11 After School Revision Support 15JAN18

Letter - Y11 Revision, Science PREs & P6/7

Letter - Y10 & Y11 Spanish/French Revision Books & Dictionaries 11JAN18

Flyer - PE Tracksuit Trouser Sale 9JAN18

Letter - Y10 History Trip to Battlefields 2018 9JAN18

Flyer - Y9 PRE Timetable 16 & 17JAN18

Letter - Y10 & Y11 GCSE Geo Revision Guides 4JAN18

Flyer - NWIBLT Christmas Extravaganza 16DEC17

Letter - End & Start of Term 4DEC17

Flyer - Ipswich High School 6th Form Scholarship

Letter - Y10 Parent Evening 11JAN18

Flyer - Physics Fest Sun 04DEC17

Letter - NEA Decision re Computing Assessment 28NOV17

Letter - Y11 GCSE Computer Science Guides 22NOV17

Letter - Y10 GCSE Computer Science Guides 22NOV17

Flyer - Elf the Musical Tickets & Show Dates

Letter - Y7 DT Contribution 21NOV17

Letter - Y8 DT Contribution 21NOV17

Letter - Y9 DT Contribution 21NOV17

Letter - Y10 DT Contribution 21NOV17

Letter - Y11 DT Contribution 21NOV17

Flyer - Woodbridge School Careers Fair 18NOV17

Parent Info Eve 9.11.17 re French Trip

Letter - The Class of 2017 Presentation Eve 15NOV17

Letter - Year 8 Parent Evening Bookings for 23NOV17

Letter - Y10 & Y11 MFL Revision Guides & Dictionaries 3NOV17

Letter - Y7 to Y9 MFL Dictionaries 3NOV17

Letter - French Trip Parent Info Eve 9NOV17

Timetable - Year 11 PREs w/c 20NOV17

Letter - Principal's Bulletin 2nd Half Autumn Term

Letter - Y11 Invite to Transition Evening on 8NOV17

Letter - Y10 Invite to Transition Evening on 8NOV17

Letter - Y10 DT Qualification Change 1NOV17

Letter - Y11 H&SoCare Catch-up Day 24OCT17

Leaflet - Year 11 PRE Schedule w/c 20NOV17

Letter - ParentPay System Changes 20OCT17

Flyer - Ipswich School Y12 Scholarship Info 2018

Flyer - Ipswich School 6th Form Open Evening

Letter - Principal's Bulletin 3OCT17

Letter - KS4 Science Revision Guides

Leaflet - Y11 Post-16 Open Events (Autumn 2017)

Leaflet - Year 7 Info (Support Your Child)

Letter - Y11 Geo Trip Safety Advice 27SEP17

Letter - Y10 CoSpace Day 18OCT17

Letter - Y9 Crumble Taster Day 11OCT17

Letter - Y10 GCSE Photography Field Trip 6OCT17

Letter - Y10 GCSE Photography Field Trip 5OCT17

Letter - Principal's Bulletin/Autumn Term 2017 15SEP17

Letter - Y10 & Y11 English Revision Guides 12SEP17

Letter - Y7 Parent Information Eve 21SEP17


Letters 2016/17

Letter - Arrangements for End & Start of Term 17JUL17

Y9 into Y10 GCSE Art Summer Homework Task

2017/18 Parent Guide for Y7 Transition

Letter - Sports Day 12JUL17

Letter - SASH Funding JUN17

Letter - Principal's Bulletin 2nd Half Summer 2017 16JUN17

Letter - Y11 Stand Down, Exams & Key Dates 07JUN17

Letter - Y10 Revision Info Evening on 14th June 2017

Year 11 Half Term Revision Programme - May 2017

Letter - Y11 Final Report MAY2017 MBO

Letter - Y10 Spring Interim Report - MAY2017 MBO

Letter - Y11 English Literature Revision Eve 10MAY17Letter - Y10 Revision Info Evening on 14th June 2017

Letter - Y8 Spain Trip April 201728APR17

Letter - Y10 Parent Evening 11MAY17

Y11 DT Intervention Evening - 8.05.17d 8.05.17

2017 Y11 Leaver's Hoodie Order Info

Letter - ATT EFA Review 31.03.17 Review 31.03.17

Letter - Principal's Bulletin Spring 2017 2nd Half - 31.03.17

Programme - Y11 Easter Revision Sessions - 31.03.17

Letter - Y11 Easter Revision Consent Letter 30.03.17

Letter - Y7 Parent Evening on Thu 27.04.17

Letter - Y8 Girls HPV Letter Info Consent 23.03.17.pdf

Letter - Y11 Summer 2017 exam entries & revision info 14MAR17.pdf

Letter - Y9 Pathway Evening on Thu 16MAR2017

Letter - Y8 Parent Evening on 30MAR2017 

Letter - Principal end of Half Term Bulletin (PDF icon 326kb)

Letter - Yr11 English Revision Guides (PDF icon 460kb)

Letter - Year 9 Geography PRE (PDF icon 274kb)

Letter - Year 7 Geography Field trips (PDF icon 295kb)

Letter - Severe Weather Procedure (PDF icon 154kb)

Letter - Year 11 Parent Evening (PDF icon 291kb)

Letter - Yr11 Information Evening - Maths (PDF icon 389kb)

Letter - Year 9 PREs (PDF icon 382kb)

Letter - Yr 11 National Citizen Service Programme (PDF icon 225kb)

Letter - End & Start of Term - December 2016 (PDF icon 311kb)

Letter - Last day of term arrangements December 2016 (PDF icon 284kb)

Letter - Yr11 Progression Interview (PDF icon 280kb)

Letter - PSHE Sex Education Letter (PDF icon 285kb)

Letter - to Parents re Ofsted visit (PDF icon 150kb)

Letter - Year 11 Graduation Evening (PDF icon 281kb)

Letter - Friends of North West Ipswich Open Space (PDF icon 152kb)

Flyer - Kesgrave Football Initiative (PDF icon 751kb)  

Letter - Halloween Safety Advice from Suffolk Police (PDF icon 318Kb)

Letter - Hurricane Matthew Appeal (PDF icon 164kb)

Letter - Year 11 Options events and other dates (PDF icon 155kb)

Letter - Year 10 & 11 Transition EveningPDF icon 310kb)

Letter - Early Close Open EveningPDF icon 301kb)

Letter - Activities Week Survey (273kb)

Letter - From the Principal - Start of Autumn Term (PDF icon 292kb)

Letter - Year 7, 8 & 9 DT (PDF icon 325kb)

Letter - End & Start of Year ( PDF icon 708kb)




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