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Westbourne Academy

Westbourne Academy is part of the family of Academy Transformation Trust academies.

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Uniform helps people feel they belong and are part of a community.  

At Westbourne Academy, we believe the smartness of our students adds to the academy prestige and encourages a positive attitude to work. All students are expected to wear the correct uniform and take pride in their presentation. Form Tutors will check the students in their Tutor Time daily to ensure all students are correctly dressed and properly equipped.   

Uniform Shop

Our uniform can only be purchased via Price & Buckland's online shop.  Click on the image to access the website page.

As a first-time user of this service, you will need to register with your name and a password of your choice and then you are ready to order.  Delivery can be made within 5 working days to your home/work address for a charge £3.95.  Price & Buckland offer free P&P for orders over £50.  Please note that delivery cannot be made to the school. 

In the event that you do not have internet access, you can pick up an order form from main school Reception and place your order by post, paying by card. 

In school we retain a complete set of uniform items for sizing purposes.  To avoid you ordering the incorrect size and then having to pay for the return postage, students will be able to try on samples to determine the correct size required.  Students will be able to do this at break time and at parent consultation evenings. In the first instance, students will need to speak to their Assistant Head of House.

Uniform Standards

We have a clear set of standards which we expect all our students to follow. You can see them here: Uniform Standards & Expectations - SEP 2019

Academy Uniform: Charcoal Grey Trousers

The academy uniform requires that students wear charcoal grey trousers, which are dark grey (charcoal) in colour.  Often, we are told by parents/carers that it is not always easy to find a shop to purchase trousers in this colour. We also continue to face the challenge that some students wear trousers that are skinny fit and too tight. Having visited a range of shops and websites, it is clear that retailers can be misleading when they sell school trousers. They advertise ‘school trousers’, when it is clear that the style is not appropriate for school wear.

We are keen to standardise the trousers that students wear so they are more uniform across the academy. Currently, we spend a lot of time dealing with trousers that are the wrong colour, the wrong type of material or are too tight. This is predominately an issue with girls, although some boys have ill-fitting trousers. Some academies have addressed this issue by standardising the trousers students wear, insisting that they are bought from the same supplier for all students. We are not keen to do this because this approach will increase the financial burden on some parents. We have therefore decided to give parents/carers more guidance on where they can purchase suitable school trousers, from a range of retailers. 

If you are ever unsure whether you are purchasing suitable trousers, always ask, to avoid a wasted purchase.

If you choose to purchase your child’s school trousers from a different supplier, please ensure that the side hem at the bottom of the leg measures at least 17cm wide on each side and the fabric is cotton/polyester.


Style of Trousers

Bottom hem  side width

Cost £

Coe’s Ipswich

Regular school trousers

Girls 20cm

Boy 21.5cm

1 pair £20

1 pair £24/£25

Price & Buckland


Regular school trousers

Girls 18.5 cm

Boys 21.5 cm

From £13.95

Marks & Spencer’s

shop and website

Regular trousers, not skinny leg or slim fit

Girls 18 cm

Boys 19cm

1 pair £8- £12

2 pairs for £17


Not a good selection

Asda shop and website.

Regular trousers, not slim or skinny fit

Unisex 19cm

2 pairs from £11

PMG School Wear

Regular school trousers




Guide to Sizing and Measuring

To help you select the right size for your child, you can use this:

Guide to sizing and measuring (PDF icon pdf)

During term time, students can try on uniform items in school at break time by speaking with their Assistant Head of House.

Uniform Infringements

Form Tutors will note on SIMS any uniform or equipment infringements.

Serious or repeated breaches of the uniform code will be referred to the appropriate Head of House/Pastoral Lead to be rectified. The Pastoral Lead may send students home to correct their uniform and return back to school as quickly as possible (contact will be made with parents before sending any student home).

Hot Weather Rules

Students will be advised in school when hot weather rules apply for the summer term, this is usually sometime after Easter but is dependent on the prevailing weather. They are as follows:

  • Students do not need to wear their jumpers to school when hot weather rules apply.
  • Jackets and ties must be worn when moving around the school buildings and between lessons. Jackets may be removed when in lessons.
  • Jackets, jumpers and ties may be removed when students are outside at break times and lunch times.

Water Bottles

Students are advised to bring refillable water bottles and to sip water regularly. Water bottles (both printed and plain) are available to buy from the Finance Window at just £1 each. There are a number of water fountains around the school (these provide chilled and filtered, mains-fed water) and students can access these outside of lesson times.  Water bottles should be clear and should contain water - no fizzy drinks, cans, or energy drinks are permitted in school.