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Ennis facts and figures:


British track and field star Jessica Ennis was born on January 28, 1986 in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Ennis took to track and field at a young age, and won the high jump competition at the National Schools Championships at 14. She won gold at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, in the heptathlon, an event that requires excellence in a range of track and field events. She is also a former European and World Champion. 

House colour     Assembly Day 
Yellow                Thursday

Head of House   Senior Pastoral Lead
Mr C Arrow         Mrs C Clarke






Ennis Ethos

Jessica Ennis once said “I believe we all have a journey. I was once a small girl from Sheffield, dealing with bullies and normal teenage insecurities, but I always believed and when you do that, life can get unbelievable.” In Ennis House, we believe. By working together and putting trust and belief into our staff, families, friends and selves, Ennis house aspires to have the strength, motivation and commitment to achieve our full potential collectively and as individuals. We seek to have the courage to push ourselves further and the honesty to question things that are holding us back. We don’t settle for just enough, we strive for excellence to advance. 

House Captains: Tanisha Rahman & Chloe Ablett-Smy

Sports Captains:

Year 7: To be confirmed

Year 8: Brooklyn Knights & Sherese Cook

Year 9: Rhys Quinton & Dinoja Pakkiyarajah 

Year 10: Reece Lloyd-Smith & Charlie Knights

Year 11: Zachery Elseidy & Nikola Olszewska


Sophia Carlin

Kurt Lowe

Roxie Peck

Reece Lloyd-Smith

Tia Bloomfield

Harmonie Wooler

Lauren Reid

Uly Judd


Form Name

Principal Tutor

Associate tutor


Ennis  1

Mr A Smith 

Mrs R Clarke


Ennis  2

Mrs S Everett 

Ms E Reynolds


Ennis  3

Miss L Sharpe

Mrs L Herbert


Ennis  4

Mr T Wilmot

Mrs C Gallacher


Ennis  5

Mr J Pashler

Mrs H Sewell


Ennis  6

Mrs J Brattan 

Mrs R Wiernicki


Ennis  7

Mrs C Roche

Mrs R Paul


Ennis  8

Miss L Thorpe

Mrs K Bell


Ennis  9

Mrs Z McKane 

Miss S Mazur


Ennis 10

Mrs D Hutchinson

Miss S Sewell


Ennis 11

Mr P Strutt

Mrs C Williamson


Ennis 12

Mrs H McCollin

Mrs K Robinson