Westbourne Academy is part of the family of Academy Transformation Trust academies.

Our mission is to transform learning, aspirations and opportunities for all our pupils, and the communities in which they live.

We believe that every child matters and deserves a first class education. We believe everyone has hidden potential to be uncovered and nurtured.

Our extensive family of primary and secondary academies are based in the Midlands, East of England and South East.

If you would like to find out more visit www.academytransformationtrust.co.uk

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Student Voice

Latest News 

Our House Captains and Prefects for 2016/17 are listed below:


Sports Captain Vice Sports Captain
Churchill Pacey Laughlin Kiera Devereux Melissa Abbott Conner Bilner
Ennis Maryham Faris Troy Sudeene Ethan Footer Depade Ouassingou
Nightingale Olivia Theobald Katie Webb Lewis Smith Mariline Quaresma
Ramsey Daniela Louro Jack Welham Rosie Curl Marshal Hunt


Churchill  Ennis Nightingale Ramsey
Alex Elvin Tyen Muller James Stemp Emily Doncaster
Elie Anne Kayembe Harriet Andrews Tasnim Begum Banu Hasan
Claudia Vieira Reggie Singh Kathryn Miles Charlotte Lucas
Tegan Holland Depade Ouassingou Isaac Powlett Latifah Miah
Chloe Pearce Jamie Pointon Erin Chaplin Gabriella Wingar
Sofia Vieira Rita Monteiro Mafalda Santos  Lauren Jacobs
Winifred Coker Anastacia Sudeene Kamran Singh  Bethany Smith
Ellie Starling Skye Bloomfield Nicole Andrews  Jordan Tournay-Godfrey
Eleanora Fernando Oliver Parker Chandler Ashbury-Moss  Cara Storer
Mariana Lacasta Ella Harden Lauren Fosker
Sandra Kowal Anastacia Sudeene Jack Smith
Sylwia Kedzierska Gabby Summers
Radu Olaru

New Captains and Prefects are sought and appointed in June each year when the Year 11 students finish their exams and leave.


Shaping the future

Westbourne has always been able to take pride in the way it has listened to and supported the student body of the school in years gone by, however in an ever changing, social media savvy world, we feel that the ways in which we have historically done this need reinvigorating. As a consequence of this, we are always interested to hear from our student body to tell us what they think about how we can make alterations and whether they themselves would like to be involved in shaping the ‘Westbourne Student Voice’ of the future.

Westbourne Student Blog

One of the Student Voice initiatives that has already been pitched to students during assemblies has been that of the ‘Westbourne Student Blog’.

This will be a webpage which functions a lot like a newsletter – students can write reviews of films they have seen, write about a new game that has been released– (perhaps giving away how to complete different levels!), or report on sports/news events taking place either within/outside of school time. Students can share their successes in competitions or just upload a favourite piece of photography /film work and get the opinions of their peers.

We want a safe and positive social networking site that allows students to communicate online in a responsible way – sharing ideas and thoughts. All contributions will be moderated before being added to the site.

Our online blog will have the ability to be updated regularly by students so that content is current and engaging. All students will have the opportunity to contribute and have a voice, and share what matters to them with their peers.