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VIVO Rewards



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Westbourne Academy launched VIVO, a new award-winning rewards system for schools that is used by 1.4 million student’s world wide. VIVO Miles is a system which allows teachers to award students electronic points called “VIVOs” which are redeemable on a wide selection of rewards from a customisable catalogue.

Why did we do this?


Our aim for this system is to:

  • Further enhance our drive for improved academic performance, attendance, punctuality and behaviour.
  • Promote our positive behaviour policy and engage all of our students.
  • Increase student motivation.
  • Engage parents, involving them further with our tracking systems.
  • Develop the economic well being of our students.


How are students awarded points at Westbourne Academy?


Teachers reward students with points in lessons for the following reasons types:

  • Good participation in lessons or tutor group.
  • Home learning.
  • Excellent progress/beating targets.
  • Extra-curricular activities.
  • Attendance and punctuality.
  • Nominations for awards.

Additionally, there will be extra point scoring opportunities such as attending revision or homework clubs, or for service to the school or wider community.


How do students track their points?


Students have been issued with a login enabling them to track and save their points in their online account. Students may then access their account through a smartphone app, computer, laptop or tablet and can even receive a free monthly text update.



Can parents track points?


Parents can be given their own logon so that they can see how their child is working in lessons.



What types of things can the points be used for?


Students can redeem their points on exciting products, games, experiences and school related items. VIVO points can even be donated to charities.


Where can I find out more?


A letter to students and parents was sent home and you can also find out more about the system by visiting: https://www.vivomiles.com/#!home